Structure Culprits: 3 Reasons Behind Foundation Problems

close up of a man attaching tiles to the floor

Sagging floors, warped ceilings, or cracked walls — your house may be suffering from foundation issues. A serious, costly problem, this damage is brought upon by different factors, but with one, common element: water — the lack of it or too much of it.

Nonetheless, here are the specific factors, which contribute to foundation failures:


This is the most common reason for foundation damage, given that plumbing leaks are almost inevitable in every home. Under-slab plumbing leaks result in the foundation pulling upward and compromising the concrete’s stability.

The problem here is, most of the time, homeowners aren’t aware that they have a leak that’s causing the foundation to shift, so the issue doesn’t get addressed until there are already cracks on the walls or sloping of the floors. Get house foundation repair companies to get your property back in shape.


Sadly, your favorite plants can put your property at risk for costly repairs. Trees have large roots that absorb huge amounts of water from the soil. Approximately 150 gallons of water per day for a single, big tree. If such roots are near your foundation, chances are, the soil underneath it will shrink.

That will cause parts of the foundation to move. A lot of homeowners use root barriers when they have trees in their yard. Consider getting one to prevent damages to your property.

Or, if you’re buying a property that has trees in the yard, make sure to have foundation inspection before putting your money on the table.


Seasonal changes, the shifting from dry to wet, summer to winter, causes the soil underneath your property to swell and shrink every now and then. Such movements result in decreased stability of the foundation. Often, it will settle and then crack.

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This is why it’s important to inspect your house foundation on a consistent basis, especially during extreme weather conditions. If you notice that the roofs are sagging, or the doors become more difficult to open and close, or cracks around the house, then you may need some foundation repairs.

How’s the foundation of your property? Don’t let water issues compromise the integrity of your home. Keep an eye on these culprits.