Start Your Greenhouse with These 4 Things in Mind

a gardener working

If you want to ramp up your gardening, then getting a greenhouse is a great option. A greenhouse can provide vegetables all-year-round for your family, and you can even make it a profitable business with some extra effort.

However, before calling your trusted commercial greenhouse builder — you might want to consider these four factors explained by Conservatory Craftsmen.

1. Zoning

Some cities and neighborhoods will require some kind of permit if you want to build a greenhouse. Aesthetics, sight-lines, and sometimes safety concerns are taken into account — but a small well-planned greenhouse won’t usually meet a lot of opposition.

If you’re planning to build a commercial greenhouse, you might face heavy restrictions unless you’re living in a rural community.

2. Size

Now that you know what’s allowed, the next thing to consider is how big you want to go. Starting small is fine, but expansion can be a problem. Having a plan for your greenhouse is essential — whether you’re building one as a hobby or for commercial purposes.

It’s smarter to get the largest possible greenhouse you can afford while keeping in mind site restrictions. It’s better to have more space, than wish for more at a later date.

3. Weather

Snow, temperature, sunlight, and humidity are important factors that you should consider when planning your greenhouse. Feel free to consult with your contractor about insulation, the types of glass available, as well as new technology that you can incorporate in your greenhouse.

4. Crops

It may be less important if you’re merely a hobbyist, but planning what to grow is essential if you want to profit off your greenhouse. Knowing what to plant and the demands of the market, as well as the yield time, are essential for a commercially successful greenhouse.

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Building a greenhouse is a big undertaking. It might be a big investment — but in return, you get a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment as you see your plants flourish. If you plan seriously and put in some effort, that investment could be a steady source of income for years and years to come.