Space-Saving Furniture For A Country Home’s Living Room

Living RoomThe living room is an important spot in your country home that takes on various roles on different occasions, from parties to visits from neighbours. The living room is considered one of the most used areas in the house.

With that in mind, a small living room needs to be spacious enough for a more relaxing atmosphere. Here are great furnishings you can use to expand the look and feel of this important room.

L-Shaped Sofas

Placed at one corner of the room, L-shaped sofas open up the area to give an airy feel. Buy them from any furniture store or shopping mall, or have one custom-made according to your living area’s specifications. When you choose to personalise, select a colour that will go well with the scheme of the house. Go further and add trapdoor seats on the sofa for magazines, board games or even a cooler.

Rolling Shelves

Rolling shelves, while not immediately thought of as space saving, are deceptively simple ways of assisting your living room activity. With a small thing like this, you can reposition almost anything to suit your living room’s design within minutes.

Consider placing the sound system or the drinks and canapés on the top, and all the CDs and glasses below it. When not in use, it can easily be rolled into a corner of your country style home to hold books or decor.

Hybrid Stools

According to Manor Homes, there are modern designs with open plan living. Country style homes should have stools available. There are stools that have other functions besides being a seat.

These stools can quickly be turned into bookshelves, footrests, storage and side tables without manually ‘transforming’ them, like you would a sofa bed. Make sure you get a model strong enough to withstand heavy weight.

Using these furniture pieces in your living room will eventually turn your small, cramped space into a place of relaxation and roominess. Look for as many designs and functions as possible if you choose to customise these furnishings. After all, even country homes can always use the extra space.