Smart Home Maintenance: The Triple Combo for a Pest-free Home

Pest-free Home

Pest-free HomeYou have a new home, and everything seems to be looking great. It’s only natural that you enjoy the beauty that comes with this new property and pay little attention to certain details. The last thing that might even cross your mind is pest control.

Nonetheless, prevention is still better than cure even with domestic situations. For the new homeowner, here is the triple combo that will keep those unwanted home invaders at bay:

Seal Up Holes

Rodents, ants, and termites usually take shelter between your walls. Small holes on the walls allow these pests to have a livable space within your home, so you should seal any crack, hole, or point of entry. You can simply use a sealant to cover these problem areas. If the job entails additional carpentry work, call professionals to assist you.

Set Up Traps

There are traps made for rats, flies, mosquitoes, termites, ants, and other kinds of pests. You can find these at any Indiana hardware store or supermarket. Nonetheless, it’s best to ask advice from experts of pest control in Indiana. They can provide insights on what traps to use for certain kinds of pests. As they say, research before buying anything.

Secure your Food

Make sure that you don’t leave food lying around in the open. Whatever food or leftovers you have, put them in sealed containers, or wrap them up tight in tin or plastic foil. Place them in your refrigerator, but make sure they don’t stay there for too long.

Take out any trash or food packages, as crumbs and sauces in these packages can attract insects and mice. Cover your garbage bins at all times, so mice and cockroaches will not make a feast of your trash.

Even if you live in a new home, you have to be extra vigilant for potential pest infestations. These tips will help you prepare for such situations to minimize any inconvenience.