Smart and Simple Home Remodeling Ideas You’ll Absolutely Love

Home Remodeling

Home RemodelingThe thought of spicing up your Utah home always excites you, but s you don’t know how to make it happen. If you have the budget and time to embark on a home remodeling project, it is wise to find out your options first.

The following are some clever ideas for you to decide the best way to upgrade the look, feel, and functionality of your house.

Transform and Repurpose the Area Under Your Staircase

There is a good chance that some spaces and areas in your house are not put to good use. The area under the stairs is one good example. You can use this space by placing cabinets or shelves to display your book collection. You can also add a chair and small table to turn it into an instant reading nook.

Makeover Your Closet Doors

Turn your plain closet doors in the bedroom into stylish and functional pieces by adding sheets of mirror. Mirrors will create an illusion of space, making your room look larger. They also maximize the effect of natural light. Moreover, installing mirrors in your closet doors makes a practical idea in dressing up – you get your clothes from the closet, close it, and get dressed right away in front of the full-length mirror.

Update Your Kitchen Counters and Cabinets

Breathe new life to your kitchen by painting the counters and cabinets with white. This is a great idea to make old furnishings more interesting and pleasing to the eye. The color also matches well with marble countertops and sink backsplash. Such makeover will make your kitchen look airy and cleaner.

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Build a Platform for Storing Your Stuff

A great idea to maximize the space in any room is to build a platform that doubles as storage for your stuff. With spacious drawers and floor doors installed, you can hide away all the clutter while keeping the room available for use of the family.

Contractors specializing in home renovations and makeovers will help you succeed as you remodel your  home. Work with certified contractors to avoid renovation mistakes and to get the most from your project.