Small Spot Renovations for a Classier Home

A Beautiful Home

A Beautiful HomeTrends come and go, but your home will always stay with you. Some families remain faithful to building houses with trends in their blueprints. Some get bored with the minimalism or the monochrome elegance.

Small renovations such as window widening and a designer staircase installation are always handy since they are less expensive and require less commitment when the next big thing comes along.

Here are the best small renovations and home constructions that can help change the entire look of your home with little time and expense.

Window Widening

Windows not only help your space “breathe,” it also helps make your space wider than it actually is. As it brings in light to your space, it makes it look airy and spacious. Widening your windows allows your home to enjoy better lighting and ventilation without the extra costs.

It also paves the way for stylish curtains and decals.

Designer Staircases

When you have guests, their eyes always gravitate to the stairs if they appear upfront from the entrance. This is why you should not take the stairs for granted. You can change its look in many ways without spending too much. You can renovate the entire thing or just do simple aesthetic touch ups.

From changing paint, to metal installations and carpet changing, there are many ways to make your staircases more modern and aesthetically appealing.

Mirror Wall Installations

Mirror walls, like larger windows, ”trick” the eye and the mind into thinking that the spaces are larger and more spacious. As it reflects light, it also helps in brightening up the space. A single huge mirror covering a wall can give the appearance of another longer room in the area.

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Wall Decals

Instead of repainting your walls for that needed accent, wall decal stickers are readily available in the market. These decal stickers can give your home that extra touch of art without the fuss. These stickers can range from classier black and white designs, to the more colourful comic styles.

The key is to be decisive about what you want and see how it will turn out through mock-ups. Once you have decided, find a trusted contractor and start from there.