Signs Your Home’s Air Ducts Need Cleaning

HVAC professional in ProvoThere are many possible sources of pollutants in the home. Dirty air ducts are one of those potential sources. To reduce the levels of dust in your home, you may, therefore, need to clean your house’s dirty ducts.

According to EPA, you should have the air ducts cleaned if you notice the following:

1. Mold Growth

Mold can grow on the hard surface of the air ducts or on other parts of the heating and cooling system. Note that many sections of heating and cooling systems may not be accessible for a visible inspection. Ask a trusted HVAC professional in Provo to conduct the necessary tests. The professional can also advise you if you need to clean the ducts or remove and replace them. Also, the duct cleaning professional can help you correct the cause of the mold before any cleaning, retrofitting, or replacing of the ducts.

2. Vermin in the Ducts.

Vermin, such as rodents and insects, can infest your air ducts. While you may not take notice if one rodent dies in there, you will be forced into action if a whole bunch of them finds their way into the ducts.

3. Dust Blowing out the Supply Registers.

Air ducts are bound to get dirty over time. Your ducts can eventually get clogged with a lot of dust and debris which can be released into your home through the supply ducts and grates. If you notice such dust, you should consider having those ducts cleaned.

The main idea of cleaning the ducts in your home is to protect and improve the air quality in your home. However, some research also suggests that cleaning the components of your heating and cooling system may also improve the efficiency of the system. An efficient system has a longer operating life. Such a system also helps you save on energy and maintenance costs. That is definitely a good bonus of cleaning ducts.

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