Signs that You Need a Water Softener

Residential water filtration system

You might be allergic to hard water if your skin feels itchy and dry. As such, you might need a water softener to prevent skin irritation. Water softeners can help reduce your bills and ensure a constant supply of soft water in Salt Lake City. Below are signs that it’s the time to look for a water softener from Kinetico Utah:

Skyrocketing Water Bill

Your pipes might not let hard water flow through, and this can make your water bill go up. You can also consult a local government lab in Salt Lake City to find out your water’s hardness. They will recommend the best chemicals to add to the water to maintain its softness.

When Your Clothes Start to Fade

Faded sheets and clothes are a sign of hard water. Clothes might also feel hard and scratchy to wash due to excessive mineral absorption. However, a front loader washing machine can help reduce this grayness and scratchiness that develops after washing clothes with hard water. Alternatively, one can add softening detergent to the water before washing clothes.

Dry Skin

Excess magnesium and calcium in hard water can cause dryness and itchiness on the skin. However, shampoo and soap can help nourish your skin and ensure that the minerals in hard water don’t dry it out. If the detergent doesn’t dissolve well, then it can’t remove crystals that settle on the skin and cause irritation and dryness on the skin surface. Hard water also causes blackheads and inflammation.

Build Up of Scale on Your Appliances

You’re likely to be using hard water if the scale starts to form on your utensils. Mineral deposits can form on coffee mugs and can build up within your teakettles. The clog can make your piping system less effective at allowing the flow of water.

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Many people overlook the importance of a water softener. However, you might consider investing in one if hard water is troubling you. Faded clothes, skin dryness, and scum in your coffee pot are some of the signs of hard water.