Shielding Wall Weak Points

Dealing with Weak Walls

Dealing with Weak WallsA house can serve a variety of different purposes, but all of it is meaningless if it can’t perform its most basic function – shelter. Contractors should always secure a home against possible breaches before even thinking about utilities or design. This is the reason builders emphasise the importance of securing weak points such as flashings and joints. There is, however, one area most contractors neglect – the walls.

Holes in the Walls

Walls, for lack of a better term, are the most solid part of a house. Many contractors can be forgiven in thinking that they can move it down the priority list, but these can still become weak points nonetheless. Walls are susceptible to the same abuse from the elements as windows and doors, and will succumb to the damage eventually.

One of the most extreme dangers that homes are vulnerable to is flying debris that can punch a hole straight through the walls. A more subtle hazard is water damage; there are various ways water can seep into the house, but it will eventually move through the walls if the walls are the only area without protection.

House Armor

Fortunately, there are ways homeowners can fortify their walls to make them more resistant to weather and damage. In fact, companies and industries were able to grow in response to this need for wall protection. Nu-wall Aluminium Cladding is an example of such a company, and their methods are straightforward enough. They protect walls by covering them with an aluminium shield.

There are other ways contractors can achieve their goal of providing greater wall protection, but it’s often the simplest methods that are the most effective. Cladding acts as a first line of defence against environmental dangers, and should be able to take more abuse than wood panels. In addition, companies provide options that can actually improve the façade of the house, increasing its value.

Contractors do their best in making walls as impenetrably solid as possible, but their efforts are only as good as the materials they have available. Homeowners need to make use of every resource at their disposal if they expect to live in their houses indefinitely without incident.