She Shed or Man Cave: Design the New Hangout Place for Your Friends


ShedFriends stay together through shared experiences. They hang out, eat out, watch movies, or just play video games at someone’s place. But though they can hang out anywhere, they will want a common space.

Women call it the “she shed.” Men call it the “man cave.” If you visited your social media accounts recently, you might have come across the trend “squad goals,” where it defines a group of friends’ aspirations. Having their own space is almost always part of the list. So why not call your buddies and get started?

Source the Place

As friends looking for the next hangout place, you must all agree on the specifics. It can be as simple as a small condominium unit, or a retreat house. It all depends on factors such as the group’s collective budget, the group size, and the purpose of the place

If it’s for sleepovers, cookouts, or parties, plan accordingly. Remember to consider the accessibility of the place for everyone.

Rig the Place

Now that you have the place, the next thing is to set up. Sit down with the group and discuss everything you want in it: appliances, furniture, additional amenities, and whatnots.

There are television and other appliances for sale for good prices. Given that you have the budget, start fitting the living room with appliances, and even video game consoles.

Be creative. This is a recreational space — set up personal gyms, pools, entertainment rooms, or even a bar!

Agree on Responsibilities

Perhaps the most important part of sharing a space with friends is agreeing on your responsibilities. Every person should contribute to the rent, maintenance, and housekeeping. Like dormitory roommates, everyone should be responsible.

Having a shared space is more than just fulfilling a “squad goal.” It’s an integral part of strengthening the group’s relationship.