Senior Friendly Home: How You Can Achieve It

A family spending time together at home People usually put the elderly in senior institutions to give them a more comfortable life. However, if giving up your parents in the care of strangers is not on your list, then making your home senior friendly is the best thing to do.

There are different home furniture pieces and appliances that can be used to make your home safe for your elderly parents. The use of walk-in tub for seniors, installing handles in walkways and slip proofing your flooring are just among the things you can do. Below are some others.

Ways to make your homes safer for seniors:

Safe Entryways

It is important to make entryways accessible for them. Have barrier free entryways to make it easier for those using wheelchair. Otherwise, removing entrance steps would be helpful. Slopes are always a better option.

Slip-Resistant Bathrooms

Most accidents happen due to slipping. Prevent this from happening by installing grab bars, increasing maneuvering space and elevating the toilet. Taking a bath should be as easy. Have slip proof floorings, make the height of shower knobs easier to manipulate or install walk-in bathtubs for your parents to enjoy.

Accessible Kitchen

Not because your mother is old does not mean she can no longer cook her lasagna specialty. Encourage her to work in the kitchen by making cooking more accessible for her. Have eye level shelves and cabinets, make the maneuvering easier by giving her more space and lower your sink and stove if need be. This way, she would be able to cook with ease, and you would be able to request your favorite dishes without worrying that she might get into an accident.

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Proper Lighting

Keep your homes well-lighted to avoid accidents. Elders have weaker eye sights and lighting the place up would make it easier for them to navigate while avoiding injuries and accidents in all parts of your home.

A home should be comfortable for anyone who stays there. By making the right changes, your home can be a comfortable place for both you and your parents.