Sell That House: Getting the Most Out of Viewings

House Sale

House SaleOne of the most important aspects of selling a home involves making an effort to ensure the property is as attractive to potential buyers as possible. Seeing it through a potential buyer’s eyes allows you to find opportunities for improvements to make it so the property goes for the best price.

There are plenty of things you can do to make the property viewing process go well. Other than familiarising yourself with the types of potential buyers and viewers and the questions they may ask, you also need to make sure to tidy up.

Real estate experts from Internet Realty share a few helpful tips to get the most out of property viewings:

Length of Viewing

Be sure to allow up to 30 minutes for each viewing so that there is no need to rush. Half an hour gives you buffer time, as most viewings only last about 10 to 15 minutes. Keep records of the people coming, and make sure to get their name, along with a log of the date and time of viewing.

Questions to Ask

Buyers are not the only ones who can ask questions. You or your real estate agent can also do something to find out more about potential homebuyers. You can ask about things like why they are moving, how soon they want to move, and how their house hunting is going. This can help you sell quicker or serves as a segue point to discuss the most important points of the house.

Types of Buyers

Some potential buyers are first-time purchasers. These people usually have a mortgage sorted, but on a very tight budget. It is also possible that you will encounter buyers who have sold a home already and are ready to accept a deal. They can be also be flexible about what they can offer. Make sure to keep notes to help you remember how it went and what you learned about them.

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Questions from Buyers

Always be prepared for some negative feedback and questions. Interested buyers will ask how long the property has been on the market or how much interest has been shown. Don’t be surprised with questions like these and prepare answers before your next viewing. Don’t take negative comments personally; use them to improve your property.

It is best to choose the right real estate agent when selling your home. This can help promote your home better and provide support right through settlement.