Selecting the Right Interior Doors

Interior house doors made of wood and glass

There are many options for high quality and elegant interior doors. You can choose different door types, materials, styles, and finish that will add to your home’s design and decor.

For many homeowners, installing interior timber doors is the best way to achieve elegant interiors, security, and insulation. However, you could choose from several styles.

1. Panel Doors

These panel doors are popularly used for residential buildings. Selecting an interior door from this category goes down to your budget and personal taste. You could choose a single large panel, five panels, and three panels. Additionally, they can also have extra decorative finishes such as inserted glasses to give you the extra glamour. As such, your budget is the one that determines what you will prefer for your home.

2. Pocket doors

Pocket doors are an old version of interior doors that has again found its way back to the market. The major advantage is the fact that the door rolls up and hides into the walls of the room making it a good option for small rooms and interiors. Pocket doors are popularly used in small rooms such as closets, music rooms, toilet rooms, and passages.

3. Bifold doors

These doors create a dramatic finish to an entrance. Bifold doors are used in places such as laundry rooms, bedroom closets, and kitchen pantries. They are best employed in small areas, where there is no space available for a single swing door.

Selecting an interior door design is dependent on your tastes and preference as well as the other décor and style in your home. As such, it is advisable that you visit your local door shop and select the interior timber doors that will suit your needs and complement your tastes.

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Before submitting your order, have the professionals take measurements of your home and advise you on what will work for you.