How Restoration Companies Can Help You Clean Your House After Flood

Control Flood DamageStatistics shows that the U.S. is spending more than $8 billion annually due to flood. It is no secret that flood can damage the furniture, appliances, vehicles and other properties. It can also leave permanent, devastating results in the landscape of your home. That is the reason it is important to get some help from a restoration company in Ogden offering comprehensive flood damage repair, power washing, tile cleanup, and carpet cleaning.

Mold Remediation and Removal

Molds are microscopic structures that thrive in moist surfaces. Thus, even when the flood has subsided inside your house, molds can still live and grow in wet corners and carpets. They can manage to survive as long as moisture is present in your home. Eventually, molds greatly increase in number within two to three days. Infestation may cause serious symptoms, ranging from  difficulty in breathing and skin irritation to allergies. This is where licensed restoration companies come in. They can perform a thorough inspection and air filtration to reduce mold number to normal levels.

Tile Cleanup

Tile cleanup is also necessary after a flood since water can penetrate spaces in vinyl flooring. Household cleaning tools may be insufficient because mud tends to spread and stick on the tiles. Thus, professional services are needed to completely get rid of the flood. Cleanup specialists have hard surface extractors, high force cleaning machines, and multi-surface scrubbing tools that can easily clean corners, tight spaces, and hard-to-reach areas.

Carpet Cleaning

When a carpet is completely immersed during floods, some homeowners just discard it right away. However, soaked carpets can still be salvaged especially if floodwater is from wall leaks, minimally soiled areas or clean water sources. Carpets are highly porous, which means they have the high capacity to absorb liquids. Hence, professional deep cleaning services employ different techniques to get rid of carpet dirt.

Flood damage is difficult if you do the dirty work on your own. It is essential to consult a professional professional to ensure complete house cleanup.