Renting in Perth: Score an Apartment that Fits Your Lifestyle


ApartmentPerth is a city full of opportunities. Many people are moving to this city in Australia, but with the tight housing market, most find themselves renting homes.

Renting can be a hassle regardless of whether you’re a tourist or a tenant. Your reasons for moving to the city may vary — it may be that you scored a new job or got accepted in your dream university. If you’re one of the thousands who need an apartment, equip yourself with the necessary know-how in renting.

Money matters

How much are you willing to pay for your rent? The answer will narrow down your options. Take note of your other expenses such as utilities, food and transport. Is your salary enough to cover those on top of the rent?

Always keep in mind that you should live within your means. Negotiate with the landlord to lower your rent.

Think about the cost of moving to Perth as well. Corporate accommodation experts from Executive Apartments say there are fully furnished apartments in the city. Go for that if taking your own furniture with you is more expensive.

Know your neighbours

When looking for spaces to rent, pay attention to your fellow tenants. You will be living close to them, so it is better to know if they have kids or bad habits. Compare your lifestyle with theirs. Will you get enough sleep if your neighbour parties all night?

Check on the amenities

You will be staying in that apartment or room for some time, so you might as well stay in a place with a lot to offer. Some accommodations offer free use of gym equipment or the pool. Others also come with a parking space. Think about the additional costs and ask yourself if you really need them.

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Apartment hunting is not that hard. You just have to know what to look for. So come up with a checklist — and check each item twice.