Renovating a Home for the Welfare of the Elderly

Home Renovation

Home RenovationRenovating a home for long-term living should consider the inevitable fact of aging. It should take into account the comfort and convenience of people with limited mobility, such as visiting old parents, uncles and aunts, and friendly neighbours. A home transformation that bears in mind the welfare of aging people eventually ends up safe for all ages.

It is, however, not an easy task to redesign an already built house for renovation. The assistance of professional services such as allows you to maximise the floor space and structure of your current house, together with the right materials to use.

For the Hands

An elderly-friendly house should be comfortable to grannies’ hands and feet. For example, young people find it easy to hold and turn a round-type doorknob. But, this can be a painful simple task for people with arthritis. The use of lever-type knobs is a small change that helps a lot. The same applies to faucets and shower knobs.

Make balancing easy for the elderly by installing handles in commonly used areas. Put handrails beside the toilet bowl or tub. These help them support their weight and gain their balance.

For the Feet

Avoid flooring materials that get slippery. There are slip-resistant flooring materials that look good for every area of the house. Trips and slips can cause serious bone injuries to old people because of slow reflex. Even kids will benefit from this since they love running around the house.

The stairs is a risky spot to almost everyone. Ensure the safety of the stairs by putting a handrail on both sides of the whole stretch. Make use of finishing materials that emphasise the edge of each stair to avoid missteps.

For the Eyes

One of old people’s weaknesses is their poor eyesight. Maximise their vision by lighting the house well. Illuminate busy spots in the house or those parts that do not get much sunlight.

Grannies may bump against objects when it is dark. Entryways and stairs need enough brightness for better safety.

Everyone gets a visit from his or her old parents and relatives. They usually come and volunteer to cook for the family or sit for coffee and tea. Designing your home to make things easy and safe for them can be the best way to make them feel at home.