Reliable External Wall Coatings to Consider for Your Home

External WallWhile it is possible to undertake exterior wall rendering on your own in some instances, it is always advised that you consult the services of a professional rendering company. Professionals will understand better the state of your home’s exterior and what needs to be done to improve it. They also have great ideas that can blow your mind and leave you wondering if it was your house at all. 

According to Apex Coating Services, there are a variety of rendering systems, such as:

Polymer Rendering

Traditional render consists of just sand and cement mixture. Over time, technology has led to the incorporation of polymers, acrylics, silicones, aggregates, crack fibers and reinforcement in the rendering mix.

Polymer insulation rendering is a cost effective solution for various wall applications and can be applied either directly to a substrate or just as a finish to an existing wall. Polymer render systems offer a variety of benefits including; exceptional weatherproofing, superior colour consistency, high impact strength and an expected lifespan of around 30 years.

Insulation Rendering

Most of the energy required to heat up your home escapes through the walls. With external wall insulation, excess heat loss and condensation are reduced, the external fabric of your property is protected and high weather resistance is achieved.

Scratch Rendering

This is a cement render that incorporates silicates in its creation to give a high degree of water resistance than other traditional renderings. This render has many colour choices that eliminate the need for external painting after rendering. It can either be hand-applied or machine-sprayed for consistency, faster application and large area coverage with one application. With the scratched render, you can achieve an Ashlar or weathered stone effect.

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All the above systems can be good for your exterior walls when applied correctly. Hire a professional to help you in case you don’t know what you’re doing or if you think it’s more cost-effective that way.