Redefining Modern: Home Designs that Speak of Uniqueness

Modern Home in Austalia

Modern Home in AustaliaWas there a time you found yourself out of words when describing your dream home? It can be hard when you have to tell interior designers the look you are going for. The last thing you want is to have a home with the same, old architectural designs as others.

Knowing the name of the style saves you the hassle of using the word “modern” every time. Your idea of modern may be out of this world furniture, stainless steel chandeliers, or semi frameless glass balustrade systems. What is modern five years ago may not be the style of today.

Here are some design terms that might help you describe the home you want:


Contemporary means looking different from the conventional or the traditional. It focuses on smooth profiles and lesser ornamentation. This design reflects energy by putting emphasis on lines and form. Geometric shapes play a strong part of the contemporary design. At the same time, it is about balance. You may throw in curves and waves in the design to achieve a balanced look.

Mid-century Modern

This style is popular, as it mixes the qualities of the last few decades with the current trend. It is sophisticated but with a little inclination to natural materials. Mid-century modern design is all about continuous flow when it comes to appearance. Its signature look is the indoor-outdoor flow, which makes the inside of your home appear as if it is a part of the outdoors. This is possible through large clear windows enveloping a corner.


Less is more when talking about minimalist design. It focuses on negative space, minimising visual noise to provide a serene look. Simplicity is also the key in this style. When the outside world is hectic, coming home to this design is pure bliss — think of a clean and clutter-free space. It has inclinations toward white and black, with one bright colour as a focal point.

With a better idea of modern home design, you can point out which style best suits your lifestyle and preferences.