Quick Fix, Cheap Thrills: Bring Your Summer House to Life


homeA vacation home is not a vacation home if it is not liveable and lively. You purchased one because you wanted a summer get-away retreat, but it looks boring and plain and honestly, a little depressing.

You want to spruce it up but you’re worried about spending. Fortunately for you, there are many cheap and easy ways you can do to make your bland vacation retreat house summer ready.

Cheap Window Coverings

Shutters are perfect for vacation houses. Find a supplier near you, such as Boardwalk, and find a reasonably priced purchase. Should you have a great view, you can skip window coverings altogether. Save a few hundred dollars and let certain spaces be filled with natural light and good scenery.

Ditch the Dining Table

Embrace an easy-going summer vibe around your vacation house by using a picnic table in the dining room. Ditch that overly formal dining table for a rustic picnic table you and your kids can paint in a bright, summer colour like aqua or lemon yellow.

Redo the Cupboards

Why stop with the picnic table? Instead of splurging on new cabinetry, paint the cupboards that you already have and remove the doors from the upper cabinets to make your tiny kitchen look more spacious and easier to move around in.

…and the Floor

Take redesigning to a whole new level and rip out the vacation house’s ratty carpet and paint the floors. You can refinish it for a more posh look, but for a more personal appeal, paint it with nautical stripes or quirky patterns.

Knock Out a Wall

Since you’re already at it and having fun, why not knock out a wall? Vacation houses are usually cramped. Expand your petite summer home by opening up the main room or the kitchen with the dining area. It’s worth the effort and cost to make the house look twice the size.

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These activities can be completed in a single weekend with a little help from your friends. Soon enough, you’ll have a summerhouse you’ll be proud to show off to friends and guests who come over.