Questions to Ask Before Getting a Pool

Wonderful swimming poolThere are many pros than cons in getting your very own in-ground pool at home, especially if you live in parts of the city where summers can get hot. Dolphin Pools & Spas stresses when it comes to wellness and relaxation, nothing beats having your own pool.

In fact, there are many health benefits from swimming in general. But being a pool owner comes with huge responsibilities. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself first before hiring a pool contractor in Salt Lake City.

Why do I want a pool and who will use it?

If you have kids in your household, the answer is pretty simple. The pool is mainly for the kids. But even if you don’t want kids, perhaps you want to use the pool for more than just relaxation and fitness purposes. It’s great to have pool parties and events where people can use the pool to cool off.

Do I have space big enough for an in-ground pool?

Pools come in all size and shapes, and even a small pool can help you relax when the weather gets too unbearable. But the comforts you get from a small pool may not be enough to make the maintenance costs worth it. You might want to get a Jacuzzi instead. Ensure that you have enough space for at least a medium-sized pool. If you’re not sure about the space you have, ask your pool contractor for an estimate.

Can you keep up with the maintenance?

Having a pool means you need to have money set aside for regular cleaning and maintenance. Otherwise, it is simply not worth it. Those pool equipment like pool covers, pipes, skimmers, and pumps need to cleaning, servicing, and maintenance so you can make the most of your investment.

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If you cannot add pool maintenance to your budget, get an inflatable pool for now.

Being a responsible pool owner also means you need to add some of the safety features like pool fences and anti-slip guards. If you think you are ready to become a pool owner, contact your pool contractor today and get ready for one hot summer.