Questions to Ask Before Applying Hardwood Flooring Sealant

Hardwood Flooring How many coats of sealant do you need on your hardwood floor? Does it require protectant sealing? Before you seal the deal with a local supplier for wood floor refinishing, there are a few things to know about hardwood flooring finishing and coating products.

When is sealing necessary?

Staining only gives you the exact tone and look you require of a hardwood floor. You will need another product to seal the wood. If the floor is composed of panels or boards, you have to look for the best sealant available. The application will not only protect the surface of the wood, but also prevent the separation of one board from another.

Is lacquer a good option?

Lacquer was a popular wood finish. Unfortunately, there have been accidents attributed to lacquer’s flammability. Explosions traced back to lacquer have led to fatalities and expensive property losses. In addition, lacquer-covered hardwood flooring with high foot traffic will need re-sanding and a new coating in just a short time. This is because lacquer does not sink into wood, but instead sits as a separate layer on top of it. If you want to avoid untoward incidents and save money on re-sanding and re-coating, explore other options.

What choices do you have?

If you want to follow in the footsteps of millions of other American homeowners, then oil-based urethane coatings are the most obvious choice. The workers typically apply multiple coatings. They are affordable. They become mellower as they age. They are available in satin and high-gloss finishes.

When the most important parameter is quick drying, then water-based urethane products are more favorable than oil-based ones. Be prepared to shell out a few dollars more as well. However, if absolute protection is the goal, then go for penetrating finishes. Make sure you get the right one for the type of hardwood floor just installed.

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An expert from Sunshine Hardwood Flooring says color and level of protection are essential criteria in choosing a flooring finish. Learn about available options and purchase one that can protect your investment most adequately.