Questions to Ask a Custom Home Builder

Build your Dream Home

Dream Home in PerthIf you have decided to build your dream home, this venture can be challenging. Planning or doing the design yourself is not practical. There are experts who can help you every step of the way, from the planning, design to the construction.

You need to consult a trusted custom or sustainable home builders in Perth.  Sustainable home design and building experts specialise in eco-friendly homes that are energy efficient.

  • Let them explain the details of what they offer

It is imperative to ask the builders what exactly they do. This is important, as there are some builders who only work on the framework of the buildings. Also, some only work on interiors and its decoration. If you need the whole house to be constructed, then you should make sure that the builder you choose could handle it, from the design to the execution. Once you shortlist a few builders, ask for their portfolio and photos of their finished products along with floor plans.

  • Ask for references from past clients

You should ask the builder for some details about their past customers. This will help you check on their quality of workmanship, their integrity, their adherence to schedules and much more. Referrals and testimonials are the best way to know the credentials of a builder.

  • Ask for their qualifications and insurance coverage

The qualification and experience of the designers, supervisors and workers are very important.  This will reassure you that they know their job. The builders should also have enough insurance coverage for any damages and injuries that might occur when the project is being completed.  Some builders get away saying that their work is perfect and there will be no damages. This cannot be true, so avoid such builders and look for homebuilders that are more practical.

If you want environmental friendly homes, then look for builders specialising in this kind of work.  These homes do not cost more than your standard homes and are healthier for you and your family.