Protecting Your Home from Harsh UV Rays

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The UV rays coming from the sun are responsible for those faded carpets. While it has its benefits, too much of it can be harmful. Do not underestimate the destructive properties of the sun; find ways to limit the UV rays that come in.

To curb the effect of sun rays inside your home, here are some useful suggestions.

Build a patio

Building a patio is more of a home improvement idea, but if you are concerned about too much sun coming through the glass walls in the back of your home, Stratco patios may be what you need. It does not hurt to have a new roof extending out back for more sun stoppage. A patio is also a beautiful addition to any home.

Use window film

The glass on your windows, skylight, doors and walls are perfect for introducing some natural light into your home. If you are, however, concerned about safety from the sun, limit the UV rays that enter with the use of film or tint. The best types of film do not only limit sunlight, but they also make glass tougher and safer during storms.

Use blinds and curtains

Dark blinds are best for controlling light, but light ones let some light in yet stop it from being overwhelming and too destructive. Blinds also let some light in, while also protecting your privacy from prying eyes. You may also install heavy curtains. Some households combine blinds and curtains for extra protection from light and more privacy.

Install awnings

Awnings are also a good idea for limiting the amount of direct sunlight coming in especially during noon. They also have the effect of making your home seem more charming and comfortable.

These are some ideas you may want to try to prevent the harsh rays of the sun from entering your home. Everyone likes natural light, but you still have to think about the harmful effects of UV rays and the ways you can limit their access to your house.

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