Protecting Plants from Pests: Don’t Let These 6 Pesky Insects Inside Your Greenhouse

Pest control specialist spraying on plants

Butterflies and bees are helpful to plants, unlike other insects. These could be pests that you shouldn’t let inside your greenhouse if you have one in your property.

Pests ruin soil or roots and eat fruit or leaves. Animals, such as frogs or birds, that prey on these pesky insects aren’t usually in greenhouses, so it’s up to you to spot and remove pests when you find them.


According to, aphids are one such pest commonly found in a greenhouse. These insects suck plant sap and as such have earned the title plant lice.

Fungus Gnats

Characterized as small black flies, fungus gnats can breed in stagnant water. Its young can enter a plant’s roots, feed on root hairs, or attack the stem or crown of the plant.

Leaf Miners

Leaf miners are the larvae of small flies. They damage plants by “mining” or boring holes through the leaves as they feed on them. Leaf miners damage the leaf from the inside, so it could be hard to tell which leaves are infested until they turn light in color.


Bloodworms are red larvae that are able to float in water by wriggling. This makes floating plants vulnerable to these pests. They feed on algae in organic water as well as plant roots.

Slugs and Snails

Slugs and snails generally come out at night or whenever humidity is high. They leave silvery trails on plants that they target. Infested plants will have leaves that have holes in them.


Mites are insect pests that also suck plant sap. They usually target the underside of leaves. Some mites are light or dark green, which could make them hard to spot against plants.

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Having plants in a greenhouse means you should ensure these plants aren’t infested by pests. Once you are able to protect your plants from pests regularly, your greenhouse should be full of blooming plants in no time.