Proper Lawn Mowing Practices and Advice for the Amateur Mower

Lawn Mowing in MinnesotaAfter purchasing your own mowing equipment, do you know what to do next? Mowing your own yard seems sensible enough. Like many Americans, you are willing to spend a reasonable amount of money for lawn care, so you go out to buy the best mower available. The blades are sharp and you have your sun hat on, and you are ready for some outdoor exercise.

However, some of those who have made the attempt ended up killing the grass. They learn the hard way that it makes more sense to hire a lawn service provider in Minneapolis for the job. shares some information for you to get a better idea about the complexities of mowing grass and maintaining a healthy yard.

About cutting it too close

So, you have the right kind of grass variety for your local climate and yard conditions. That does not mean you’ve got it made. You still have to know how much of the grass to cut. Even when you have proper grass for your environment, you can compromise their health if you cut it too close. The mowing height is dependent on the specific type of grass. For instance, cool weather grass varieties must be cut to three and a half inches. Otherwise, they may be stressed to the limit and fail to thrive. Cutting below the idea level also encourages weed growth.

Other tips on getting a stress-free cut

Aside from cutting length, pay attention to the cutting direction. Experts advise alternating cutting direction given a weekly mowing schedule. Moreover, if the grass is already high, do not cut down to ideal mowing height at the first sweep. Cut higher the first time. A week later, aim for the ideal weed height. In this way, you will achieve the desired height without risking disease compromising the capability of the grass to fight off fungi and pests.

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Mowing your own lawn is a good outdoor exercise. However, if you have no idea how to go about it properly, call for professional lawn care services instead.