Proper Care for Recently Installed Window Tinting Film

Window Protection Film

Window Protection FilmWindow films are thin polymers with adhesive backing you can stick directly to glass windows. You can reduce your cooling expenses with reflective films that repel infrared and ultraviolet radiation. Some films are especially designed to make glass windows more secure while at the same time keeping your interiors private.

Home and business owners in Australia are favouring window tinting film not only for their usefulness, but also because they are easy to clean and maintain.

What’s next after installation?

So, the competent installers have completed the job of applying tint film on the glass windows of your home. Before they leave, they will instruct you in regard to the drying and curing period, which is typically 30 days. The water pockets will evaporate eventually. Generally, the period varies depending on local climate and the type of film you’ve chosen. Security films typically take longer than other types to cure. Remember to mark the calendar because window tinting that is inadequately cured might present with problems later on.

What’s next? As soon as the film is fully cured, then you may clean the exposed surface of the film.

What is the best type of cleaning tool to use?

While it is important to purchase a mild cleanser, preferably the type of solution recommended by the manufacturer, you must pay attention to the cleaning tool as well. If you want the film to retain its clear and scratch-free surface for the next few years, you will not use the first clean rug you will find. Soft terry cloth will do, but the best cleaning tool is micro-fibre towel. For best results, look for the kind with two different surfaces. You can use the microfiber side of the cloth for cleaning and washing. The other side, preferably made from a synthetic chamois, is ideal for drying and polishing.

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Some films take more than 30 days to cure. Learn all you can about proper care of recently installed window film and your entire household will enjoy the benefits for many years to come.