Professional Moving: Relief from Stressful Viking Range Installation

Moving ServicesMoving to new commercial or residential places can be stressful, and is the reason you should seek professional services in the entire moving process. Moving services include gun safe moves, delivery and storage services, industrial and residential moves, and appliance moving and installation.

Viking Moving

You surely attach great value to your Viking appliances. Therefore, for you to move your Viking range efficiently, you need to know how to disconnect it, make moving preparations, and do the reinstallation upon arrival to your new home. However, with the help of competent movers, you will enjoy Viking moving services, which professionally handle the entire moving process of your Viking appliances to your new place of residence.

Taking Measurements of Your Viking Range

It is important you take measurements of your Viking range together with the measurements for your intended reinstallation space. The reinstallation area should be sizeable enough to fit your Viking range. To prevent damaging your Viking range during the moving process, use the right size of dolly that is at least as wide as your unit.

Safe Disconnection and Reinstallation

To safely disconnect your Viking range, it is imperative that you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Unplug any available electrical connections, and if it’s a gas model, disconnect the gas lines and then the cap. The Viking range is now ready for packing and moving. Upon arrival at your new home, a gas company representative should connect the range to the gas supply, and with the help of a professional hand, you can appropriately plug in the electrical cords.

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After a successful Viking range installation, Light Speed Delivery, Inc. suggests that no gas leaks are present, then you can level the range, and enjoy your stay at your new home.

Leading company movers utilize knowledgeable, certified and trained personnel to professionally handle your moving—business, home, specialty—concerns. Qualified company movers assure you of stress-free moving as they secure and protect your valuable cargo during the moving process. Contact an AMLPA-certified company with professional employees and that offers competitive prices to ensure a peaceful, safe and timely moving process.