Here at M Remodeling, we give importance to every visitor’s privacy. For this reason, we want to be clear about the data we collect for every page visit on our website. Explained below are the terms in our privacy policy:

Personally Identifiable Information

Our site does not collect any personal detail or information. The only exception to this rule is when our visitor voluntarily provides us this information. But even if our visitor decides to share personal information to us, M Remodeling will not – in any way – divulge these data to any entity or third-party organization. Our use of personally identifiable information is limited to the answering of inquiries, sending of certain news, emails, and updates, and processing of site-related requests.

Site-Related Information

We do, however, automatically collect site-related data to further improve our services. M Remodeling collects information about every visitor’s browsing activities, including the names of visited pages, the Internet domain, the IP address, the browser used to access the portal, and the time and date of every visit. Our purpose for the collection of these bits of information is to analyze visitor trends on our website and monitor our site’s traffic.

For the peace of mind of our visitors, M Remodeling does not use location or activity-tracking cookies.

External Links

Our posts here at M Remodeling may contain links pointing to external sites. We do this to improve the user experience of every person visiting our website. Nonetheless, M Remodeling is not in any way accountable to the data collection practices of these external sites. We advise our readers to examine the fine print of every external site’s privacy policy before sharing personal credentials.