Prevent Common Plumbing Problems with These Tips

a man repairing a busted pipe under the sink

Your home’s plumbing is a complex system that needs adequate care to last a long time. Although the occasional leaky faucet cannot be avoided over time, it is a far easier problem to solve than more complicated issues, which may happen if you don’t give your plumbing so much as a passing thought.

To avoid more expensive repairs and replacements, practice these plumbing system maintenance tips.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

You can find any number of chemicals for unclogging sinks and toilets. They are attractive to buyers because they cost less than what they would pay a plumber. The problem is that you probably don’t know what chemicals are right for your plumbing, and many of them are highly corrosive, which means they will eventually damage your pipes.

Don’t Use Your Plumbing for Garbage Disposal

This means scraping the leftover food off plates and throwing it in the proper garbage receptacle instead of letting your sink disposal unit handle it. That’s intended to make sure any food you may have missed gets ground up to prevent clogging. Don’t use your toilet as a garbage disposal, either.

Have Your Plumbing Serviced

Whenever you try to repair a recurring clog or leak yourself, what you’re doing is a patch job and not a permanent solution. Instead of dealing with such problems, Action Plumbing suggests you call for professional rooter service in Salt Lake City every few years, just to make sure everything is functioning properly, no clogs or roots are in the way of your pipes and drains, and any impending problems are solved before they happen.

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Use Pipe Insulation

In the winter, you probably have to wait longer for hot water to start running. You can reduce the waiting time by adding some pipe insulation, especially to exposed areas. This can also help prevent pipes from freezing and cracking.

Plumbing repairs can go from a few bucks to several hundred or even thousand dollars. To keep your plumbing system in good shape, make sure to treat it accordingly and have it checked now and then.