Preparing for a Caravan Day Out


CaravanningCaravanning is part of the U.K. landscape. It has been around for hundreds of years. To this day, this ‘smart little house upon wheels,’ as Charles Dickens described it in his novel The Old Curiosity Shop, is still the vehicle/accommodation of choice for many who like to make their travels and camping trips a bit more comfortable.

If you’ve never tried it before, you should; travelling in a caravan and sleeping on a caravan bed mattress is in itself a charming little adventure. Here’s how to prepare for your first adventure in this house on wheels.

Find a Place to Go

The U.K. is kind to those who like to travel in the same fashion, so there are caravan pitches and parks just about everywhere. Choose one that you would like to go to on a weekend alone, with a special someone or with your family. From Scotland to Cornwall to Pembrokeshire, there are so many places to choose from. A camping trip should be as close to nature as possible, but it doesn’t have to be too far away from creature comforts you have become used to. At least with a caravan, you have a working toilet and a safe place to sleep when you tire of sitting by the campfire.

Or Don’t Find a Place to Go

The beauty of travelling in a caravan is you do not even need a plan. You can just drive then find a safe place you can park legally to spend the night. Eat in one of the local restaurants or cook something quick and easy inside your caravan.

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Stock up

Of course it is a little house on wheels, but a house is where you keep the things you need, such as food and a warm blanket. So do not forget to stock up on the things you need while you are on the road or parked somewhere under the stars. If the trip is going take a while, it is good to have someone to do it with, so you can take turns at the wheel if one of you has to take a nap. It is safer to travel with at least one companion.

Caravanning is already an adventure, even if you lack an itinerary. All you need is to drive and let the adventure come to you.