Pool Construction 101: Include Heater in the Initial Budget

Swimming Pool ConstructionPurchasing a pool and understanding your budget must go hand in hand for a successful and satisfying experience. What kind of equipment and pool features you include will only be limited by the budget you can afford. Maintenance and ongoing servicing and running costs should also be considered.

Getting the most out of your swimming pool and entertaining space is also vital to make sure you maximise your investment. Equipment like pool heaters can increase your swimming season from a few months of the year to most or all of the year depending on your needs and wants.

Pools cost homeowners tens of thousands of dollars for the convenience of having their own, and they should be able to use it whenever they like. For this reason, it is wise to add a pool heater to the initial budget and priority list when building a pool.

Even if the weather does not reach frigid levels, it can still be uncomfortable swimming in colder water. Wading in warm water in the colder months is a particularly satisfying activity. It can also be therapeutic for aching bodies and muscles.

A Convenience Considered

With the basic models starting around $3,000, a heat pump is a very worthwhile investment. They are very energy efficient and work by removing heat from the ambient air and returning it to your swimming pool water. The process is very similar to the way a reverse cycle air conditioner works on your home. So, is it worthwhile to make other sacrifices when installing your swimming pool such as delaying the installation of your water feature or opting to reconsider that gazebo? You may even take a few more months to save up some more dollars if you do not have the budget to suit.

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Most would say yes because it will be worth it in the long run. Another option is to have all the appropriate heating connections installed on your swimming pool so there is no hassle to install your heat pump at a later date.

The Complete Home

For those who can afford it, there are a few essentials when completing the build on your first home. Fast internet, ample size rooms, flowing air inside the house and a heated pool — these are all luxuries that are worth the money. Practical is stretching it, but it makes sense to do everything all at once to eliminate any hassles and extra construction and installation costs in future.

A heated pool is a small part of the big picture, but in terms of doing things right, this is a prime example of maximising the return on your investment.