Panel Glides – Discreet and Charming

Panel Glide Blinds Japanese architecture originally featured sliding panels in their buildings. This slowly became popular and today, everyone uses it all over the world. The sliding door principle works wonderfully with the blinds too. These are called panel glide blinds and interior designers just love this elegant style. Besides being very charming, these blinds also help you save a lot of space.

Goes with any décor

This type of sliding panels is different from the general blinds. These can help you save space effectively, making them useful interiors for homes, offices, consulting rooms and other such places. These offer privacy and the required lighting. These can come with an opening at the centre like the sliding doors or they can be stacked to one side and opened by a cord or wand. These blinds are very versatile and can be used even for the widest of windows. Many upmarket commercial and housing projects use these on a large window. As they are very versatile, it is no wonder that they are a very popular choice.

Types, looks and styles

These blinds are designer-friendly and is art form today in the construction industry. They are spectacular and very discreet too. The decorators love the versatility this type of blinds offers. These offer a wide range of fabric possibility too. The choices and styles are awesome. The customers can be offered a range of design capabilities.

Tailor-made options

Panel glides can be customised to suit any sort of design and functional purpose. Their adaptability to suit all types of décor and situations makes them a popular choice even in difficult situations. With accurate specifications, you can get the blinds customised perfectly.

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Thus, these blinds are the first choice of manufacturers, designers, and consumers alike. They are great for apartments, family homes and upmarket offices.