Outdoor Fun with Kids: 5 Backyard Design Ideas

Child Safe Backyard

Child Safe BackyardWhile most kids find delight in expensive toys and the latest video games, they have negative effects on physical health. Staying seated and playing for hours can increase the risk of obesity, muscular diseases, and sleep disturbances. Children, for the most part, need to soak up the fresh air and enjoy the outdoors.

Turning your backyard into a kid-friendly area can give your kids a space to enjoy the environment. This increases their attention span and promotes well-being and wholesome physical development. Here are a few family-friendly backyard ideas with the kids in mind:

Safety First

Secure your kid-friendly backyard with low maintenance fencing for containment and security. Boardwalk.com.au suggests using aluminium slat fencing in the area. This is perfect for kid’s spaces, as it does not rust and blends with almost all landscapes.

Repel Insects

Lemongrass plants are widely grown in Australia to create shade and shelter for delicate plants. You can plant this in your backyard to repel mosquitoes. Lemongrass contains citronella and emits a strong citrus odour that mosquitoes and other pesky insects do not like.

Jump, Jump, Jump

Put in a padded or pillowed trampoline if the space permits. This is perfect for sky-high jumping and lounging with friends.  Trampoline enclosures or slat fencing helps secure the jumping area.

Take a Swing

Both kids and adults love swings. You can make your own version of it by using an old chair and sturdy rope. Paint chairs in a bright and bold colour to make it attractive and festive. Be sure to use strong foundations for the hanging chair.

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Get a Splash

Splash pads are a low cost alternative to a pool. This is also perfect if you don’t have enough space or if you are concerned about kids’ safety. You can build it on your own using non-slippery tiles or hire a contractor to build it for you. This can help the entire family cool off during hot summer days.

Other than these ideas, you can also create an outdoor deck to host parties or to have an outdoor area for the family. Wooden stools and benches are must, along with colourful pillows. You can also add a flat screen TV for some entertainment.