Now You’re Independent: Things You Need for Your First Apartment


ApartmentSo you’ve finally moved out of your parents house and started living independently. Having your first apartment can be exciting and just a tad bit nerve-wracking. Aside from having to pay your own way now (gasp, bills!), there’s also the question of just how you need to divide your space. How should I make my living room look presentable? What are the furniture and things I should buy? So, whether you’re living in a studio space, a one-bedroom, or a two-bedroom apartment, here are some tips from PointCorp on the items you need for your first home.

For your kitchen

Even if you’re the type who rarely cooks, you’ll soon find that living on your own means having the right items for the kitchen. Get some medium-sized non-stick pots and pans. Also, a cutting board and cookware — spatula, ladle, whisk, wooden spoon and tongs are the items that should get you started. And, don’t forget knives — one for slicing meat, one for general use and a small one for paring. As for appliances, a kettle, a microwave and coffee-maker are the basics you need. Get the fancier ones when you’re more settled in your home. Also, don’t forget to get dishes, silverware and glassware!

For your living room

You’re not in college anymore so bean bags are a no-no. Invest in a couch and a couple of chairs. You’ll be thanking yourself later, especially when you have company. Get also a coffee table and some bookshelves, and a TV stand if you have one. Make it look homey by adding some rugs and throw pillows.

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Other stuff you’ll need

Hooks are a great way to organise. They can be placed near the doorway, your bedroom, and the bathroom. Invest in sturdier ones. Don’t be tempted with the cheap stick-on plastic hooks! These break easily and will get you more headaches than what you bargained for.

For decor, consider framing your photos or artwork that you have created and hang them on your wall. They add the perfect quirk and personal style to your new home.

Space-saving furniture such as cube stools is perfect for a first apartment. These can be used as chairs or tables and some styles even double up as storage.