Need a Heated Swimming Pool? Avoid 3 Critical Mistakes

Swimming PoolWith the vast majority of people waking up to the therapeutic benefits of swimming in warm water, the number of heated swimming pools in the country is on the rise.

Apart from the health benefits, heating a swimming pool allows you to either make use of the pool all year round or extend the swimming season for more than just a few months a year. Solar pool heating is a hit with many pool owners since they harness the sun’s free energy and use it to heat the water to the desired temperature. Given the wide-ranging products on the market, selecting the best heating system can prove to be a tricky undertaking.

In Perth, it pays to avoid these costly mistakes when installing a DIY solar pool heating system.

Settling for the Cheapest Collectors

If it appears too good to be true, then it most likely is too good to be true. Rock bottom prices beget low-grade panels that are bound to disappoint and fail. Although they might appear to be a steal, such panels feature low-quality construction and materials, reducing the lifespan. Low-cost contractors are unlikely to offer a guarantee on their work or carry a survey of your pool to evaluate your needs.

Installing Uniform Systems

Since each pool is unique, there isn't a one size fits all collector system. Rather, an expert designs the heating system that centres on your needs, location, pool size, type, and roofing style. As a result, what works in one pool might not be sufficient in the next one. The number of trees and the slope and orientation of your roof also influence the efficiency of the collectors.

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Failing to Ask for a Financing Option

Rather than settling on an inefficient system when on a tight budget, you can request a financing option. This way you can get the most efficient system available without paying a lump sum. Liaising with the installer can help you get the best heating products and avoid costly mistakes.

Making these considerations allow you to get the right solar heating system for your swimming pool.