My Wooden Stairs Are Rotting! Please Help!

old wooden stairs

Well-designed and well-maintained wooden stairs add a unique style to your property. They are also a valuable investment if you are looking to sell your home in the future. Although wooden stairs are naturally long-lasting, they require a higher level of maintenance than other types of stairs. If you realise that your precious stairs are starting to rot, it is time to take prompt action to prevent a bigger problem.

Reasons Wooden Stairs Rot

Your wooden stairs in NZ may still rot despite your endless efforts to keep it clean. Some wood types may last longer than others, but deterioration eventually catches up with the stairs. Reasons for this include:
• Stagnant water
• Termites
• Freeze-thaw problem
• Trapped debris
• Untreated stairs

Repairing the Affected Parts

Repairing rot is always going to be harder work than preventing the same. However, when the rot has already attacked your stairs, you can be sure it is possible to repair the section that has been affected rather than replacing the whole staircase. Replace the damaged boards with better ones. You may also want to use a water-resistant coating and remove water-pooling spots.

Type of Wood Used

Many wood types for outdoor projects come with chemical treatments, but some varieties have superior performance. If the stairs are exposed to outdoor elements, your first line of defence should be using rot-resistant wood. Some of the most resistant wood includes Black walnut, Idigbo, European Oak and Cedar. You may also consider Meranti, Larch, Douglas fir and Sapele, which are moderately rot-resistant.

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The secret to enjoying wooden stairs in NZ for many years is catching rot before it spreads. The biggest challenge lies here. By the time most home-owners discover the decay, it has already spread after working away at the stairs for months or even years. Professional providers of wooden stairs can deal with the problem and help prevent future issues, so just give them a call.