Morning Cleanse: The Correct Way to Wash Your Face

Installed a Water Heater in Salt Lake City

Installed a Water Heater in Salt Lake CityNot all parts of your skin react in the same manner. For instance, your facial skin tends to be more sensitive than the rest of your body. This is why you often get pimples and other problems caused by dirt on your face. Developing that morning routine, like washing your face, is important to start the day clean. You might, however, be doing it wrong all this time. Here is the proper way to go about this habit.

Stay with Lukewarm Water

You might have read somewhere that you can clean your face better with hot water. Hot temperature opens up pores, while cold water closes them. This is a myth and there are no scientific studies to back up this claim. It can actually be bad to follow this routine of exposing your skin to changing temperatures.

Stick with lukewarm (or cold) water if you started your routine this way. The benefit of using lukewarm water is it does not sting on your skin like splashing cold water. If you have installed a water heater in Salt Lake City, then it’s much better. Having control over the temperature allows you to wash your face according to your liking.

Pat and Don’t Rub

When your face is full of water after washing, you might feel it right to simply get the towel and rub your face. This is bad practice and may contribute to the sagging of skin in the future. Lightly pat your face dry with a fresh, clean towel and let the air dry it afterwards. Harsh rubbing causes the skin on your face to lose its elasticity. It may also take away the essential oils keeping your skin looking young.

Change your bad morning wash habits and your skin will thank you later. Looking young and fresh has always been effect of the right attitude towards treating your face.