More than Just Pretty: Cedar as Sunscreen for Your Home


BlindsIn New Zealand, where the temperature, especially during the summer season, can get unbearable, it is important to control the amount of heat and light entering a home. Excessive heat gains bring plenty of negative consequences, including discomfort, health problems and increased use of air conditioning systems that lead to higher energy bills.

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the amount of heat and UV rays that permeate your home. One way is through the installation of cedar sunscreen blinds.

Cedar: A Quick Overview

The building industry uses cedar wood because of its strength. Construction products such as blinds, windows, siding, fencing, doors and shingles can be made of cedar. The tree itself, with regular pruning, can be a low-maintenance privacy screen.

Thanks to its exceptional flexibility and natural beauty, when used in shading products such as blinds, it can be painted, finished, treated or left as is.

Key Reasons to Use Blinds recommends the use of window treatments such as blinds due to their impressive heat gain and heat loss regulation properties. As a result, homes fitted with these products stay energy-efficient, do not rely heavily on heating and cooling systems, and have lower electric bills.

With cedar blinds, you enjoy all these benefits and more. With the durability of this wood, you do not have to worry about damages because of environmental factors such as the sun’s heat.

Blinds specialists from say cedar blinds are not prone to bowing and twisting despite being lightweight. In addition, because of its natural beauty, you increase your home’s aesthetic appeal and overall value.

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Protecting yourself and your loved ones can be done in a beautiful manner. Find the best window treatment options by thinking about the weather in your area. When in doubt, look at what your neighbours use.