Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Which is the Fairest of them All

mirror bathroom

mirror bathroomMirrors are necessary bathroom accessories and come in many different styles and types. Most homeowners do not give it much thought, which results in them finding it difficult to settle on one particular design.

Perhaps you are thinking about getting a new mirror for your bathroom. You may be wondering which among the different mirror styles is the most stylish (or well, the fairest of them all). Here is a look at four of the most common bathroom styles to help with your search:

1. Framed Mirrors

This is one of the simplest and most common mirror styles. The frames of this mirror go from traditional to modern; small to large and plain to the most elaborate. Some mirror frames, though, especially those made from wood and metal, are not water resistant. Think about the humidity where you live when shopping for mirrors and pick an appropriate item that is not just stylish, but also long lasting.

2. Frameless Mirrors

Frameless mirrors are those finished with a polished edge. They give off a sophisticated look because of their floating effect against the wall. If you want a custom look for frameless mirrors, experts from Perth City Glass suggest consulting a professional glassmaker so the cut of the mirror complements the size of the wall. Interior designers say that these fixtures are perfect for contemporary bathrooms.

3. Venetian Mirrors

Venetian-style mirrors might be exactly what you are looking for if you want elegant and unique designs carved into the surface of the glass. They come in different shapes—oval, square, rectangular, and round mirrors are the most common. Venetian mirrors are the best choice if you want a bathroom with a nice and romantic look.

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4. Illuminated Mirrors

Lighted mirrors match contemporary bathrooms that require extra illumination. These fixtures have a built-in lighting, usually installed in the frame of the mirror. Complete the look of your vanity room with these lighted mirrors.

When shopping for bathroom mirrors, consider the bathroom’s style and theme. Make sure to think about the design, shape, and size of the actual mirrors as well. Doing so makes it easier to pick the mirror that is the fairest and perfect for your bathroom.