Millwork 101: Important Things to Know

Man doing millwork

When you are remodeling your home and your contractor starts throwing around words and terms that sound completely alien to your newbie life, how do you respond? For example, what do you answer when your contractor asks you what finish do you want on your millwork?

If you have some experience in architecture, this might not sound like a brand new term, but for most, this can leave our mouths wide open, searching for a right answer.

So let us clarify what exactly millwork is and how it is essential to any remodeling project.

What is millwork?

Millwork is generally an umbrella term that covers anything made in a mill. Sounds simple enough, right? Some of the item that this may refer to would be the wood paneling on your walls, chair rails, door frames, window casings and jambs, and even interior trims, crowns, and moldings.

They are all made from wood, cut and “milled” in a mill, which is why the term millwork. It is very easy to find a millwork company here in Michigan, such as Phillip Elenbaas Millwork, so you should not find any problems when you need some work done.

How do you use millwork?

When you are renovating your home, the number question about this specific construction term is what finish you want on it. There are many options when it comes to finishing which all depends on a number of factors. Certain types of wood, of course, can only be in specific finishes.

Additionally, your own preference is a factor as well. Some common options are staining, clear sealant, or paint. Some contractors even combine finishes achieving the look that you want.

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This is just one of the few terms you can expect to hear from a contractor if you are ever thinking about some basic home remodeling. While it is not much, it is a good start. At least you know what to answer when you are asked, “So, what finish do you want on your millwork?”