Making Your Microfiber Products Last: What You Can and Can’t Do


MicrofiberSeveral factors determine the service life of any microfiber product. The composition of your microfiber product, how you use it for cleaning, and how you clean it afterwards will affect its lifespan.

If used, cleaned, and maintained properly, microfiber products, including mop heads, cleaning rags, and wipers, can be washed up to 500 times. Manufacturers state that the product itself will actually wear out long before it becomes inefficient at cleaning. That comes with the presumption that you properly use and clean it, of course.

Proper Microfiber Washing Guidelines

Washing microfiber products is not that different from washing other cleaning cloths, but you do have to take note of some differences. Use any kind of soap or detergent, as long as it doesn’t contain fabric conditioner and has a pH level of less than 11. Avoid using harsh chemical agents since these can easily break down the absorbent fibers.

Note that you shouldn’t wash microfiber in temperatures of over 200 degrees. Doing so will ruin the fiber composition. Use your dryer for drying, but make sure the temperature doesn’t exceed 140 degrees.

Other Things to Consider

After choosing the proper temperature and detergent, The Ragman Company says take note of other items in your washer. While there are no strict rules regarding what you can and can’t wash with microfiber products, manufacturers recommend washing them separately, as they may pick lint  from other materials.

Fabric softeners have the same effect, since microfiber products can attract particles from the fabric softener and clog up the microfiber’s gaps. This can decrease and potentially eradicate the static charge generated by microfiber products for proper cleaning.

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Microfiber is a good material used to clean homes, establishments, and even hospitals. You will only enjoy its usefulness and durability if you keep it in good condition, though.