Make That Suave Move: Ideas for a Worry-free Move


RelocationYou are probably excited about moving and starting a new life in another place. But, the thought of transporting your precious chinaware, bowls and glass vases may make you feel anxious.

Packing and handling breakable items are among the biggest challenges of moving. Don’t stress yourself out. Learn some helpful ideas to make moving a smooth process.

Save the Best for Last

Packing delicate items takes longer and needs a lot of focus. So, schedule the packing of breakables after you have packed everything else. Start doing it days, or even weeks, before the scheduled move.

Choose the Right Box

Make sure your chosen boxes aren’t too big or too small. Experts recommend the use of dish packs. These boxes are ideal for moving fragile things because they are made of thicker cardboard. Dish packs also contain divider inserts to help absorb the shock of any sudden movements. The moving company, African Furniture Removals, reminds people to be careful not to overload the box because the bottom part can give way if it is too heavy.

Fill Up Empty Spaces

Make sure you fill all the empty spaces in the box, so the items will not move around during transport. You can use tissue papers, cloths, towels, or bubble wraps. These items also absorb shock during sudden movements.

Use Packing Tape

Before you put the items inside the box, tape the bottom correctly for additional support. Use packing tape because it is pressure sensitive, strong and wide. After putting all the items in the box, close and seal it with a packing tape.

When moving, assist the moving contractors when it comes to your delicate items. Though furniture movers are trained, it still pays to be there when they are handling the boxes.

It is normal to be anxious about your delicate possessions when moving. But, if you properly packed your things, you do not have to worry too much. Just keep the tips above in mind and you can rest assured that your fragile items are safe.