Longevity Matters: Maximise Heating and Cooling with the Right System

HVAC Maintenance

HVAC Maintenance in Australia In Australia, residential air conditioning systems can be either non-ducted or ducted. Portable, room, and split air conditioners fall in the non-ducted category, with the first two being the least expensive options. Ducted systems, on the other hand, generally cost more, but the benefits they provide—both short- and long-term—provide you with enough consideration.

One machine for both heating and cooling

As All Air Services points out, one of the main reasons ducted air conditioners cost more is because some of the units have dual functionalities. They serve their regular purpose of cooling buildings, but can also be on “reverse” mode to heat up the space.

In other words, choosing a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system means having one less equipment to think about. This translates to lower maintenance costs, which brings your overall heating and cooling expenses lower. It brings significant savings in the end.

Even the experts recommend the use of ducted reverse ACs

The Australian Consumer’s Association says that efficient reverse cycle units are some of the most cost-saving devices in the nation today. These are the greener choices for environmentally conscious Australians, as these units generate two-thirds less greenhouse gases than conventional electricity-run heaters.

Aside from not having to worry about sudden, huge spikes in your utility bills, a reverse AC also makes you a more responsible citizen.

A Practical choice for homeowners

Portable and room air conditioners are just that – cooling devices. They do not have the same dual functionality as reverse systems do. For homes that need to cool multiple rooms at any given time, this means getting separate units for each one, which can be an expensive venture for homeowners. In terms of durability, they are also more prone to break downs. Maintenance costs can be greater for these, especially if you own several of them.

While single non-ducted systems still offer an ideal way to cool, their use should be limited to homes that need to cool only one area. Consider investing in a ducted reverse cycle AC to maximise the cooling capacity in your home.