Let the Light in with Patio Doors

Patio with Open French Doors

Regardless of the size of your living room or kitchen, your house will seem larger once you incorporate the right patio doors. A patio door extends a room’s floor space and allows light to brighten up any space.

Plenty of patio doors could fit your needs. You can combine it with patio glass enclosures to have a relaxing, comfortable and energy efficient outdoor living space.

Sliding Patio Doors

This is the most popular style for patio doors. These doors are easy to use, versatile, and affordable. These doors make it easy for you to extend your indoors to the outdoors. Additionally, this door allows plenty of heat and light into your patio. Most of these sliding doors allow homeowners to install a screen door. You can open this when you need light and air inside the home.

Sliding doors can save space. Doors that swing open require a space radius for opening and closing, but a sliding door does not take up any swing radius because it does not swing open.

French Patio Doors

This type is hinged like a standard entry door. They come in a variety of colours, decorative glass, and finishing. You could use various door configurations, or you can install three doors in a row based on the width of your patio door opening. Often, these doors will come with a full view glass panel to allow natural light into your house.


Many like fibreglass because it is lightweight, weather resistant, and durable. Additionally, it does not fade, warp or rot hence does not require any maintenance after installation. However, it can be more expensive than other kinds of doors.

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If you want a patio in your home, you should also consider security features such as locks when selecting one. Most patio doors come with a dual locking mechanism for both patio door screens and the main door.