Lesser-Known Benefits Quality Fireplaces Bring to SLC Homes

Living Room with a Fireplace

Salt Lake City has a reputation for its cold and snowy winters, which both residents and vacationers love. However, there are many instances wherein the snow can take a toll, even when people are already huddled inside their homes. Because of this, many homeowners tend to run their heaters all day long, and on full power. Not only does this lead to massive energy consumption that gives rise to costly energy bills; it also places a huge toll on the environment.

This is where fireplaces come into play. With a high quality, energy-efficient fireplace by Comfort Solutions installed in your Salt Lake City home, you can avoid these issues and much more. In a nutshell, this equipment brings more than just increased appeal and better ambiance to your residence; it also helps you through these often overlooked benefits:

Savings from Minimized Use of the Primary Heating System

During the cold or snowy seasons, the use of boilers or furnaces accounts for nearly half of a household’s energy consumption. And this is just on average; operating it all day increases usage level drastically.

With a fully-functional fireplace, you have an alternative to your primary, but an expensive heating system. While you shouldn’t completely rely on the fireplace for all your heating needs, alternating between it and your furnace/boiler can already help bring down your energy bills.

Savings from Avoiding Premature Heater Breakdown

Overuse is one of the leading causes of premature furnace/boiler malfunctions. When you keep them powered on for extended periods of time on a regular basis, many of their components will quickly wear down, resulting in sooner-than-expected replacements. And to make matters worse, it’s common to have several parts break down at the same time, further increasing repair costs.

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You can effectively reduce the potential of the early development of these problems through the alternate use of your heater and fireplace.

All in all, with your fireplace serving as your heat source in place of the furnace/boiler from time to time, you can protect yourself from significant spikes in utility bills while also helping you get the most use out of your primary space heater.