Lap Pool: The Choice for Narrow Lots

Lap PoolEven if you have a narrow lot and a relatively small backyard space, you can still have a swimming pool. Lap pools or those suitable for rhythmic strokes or swimming laps are a great option. The basic design is a simple and narrow rectangle, but such pools can still have a slightly unusual shape. They are also an economical option because of their simplicity and durability.

Lap Pool for Fitness

Swimming pool builders in Perth suggest that a lap pool should be long enough for a person to swim comfortably and achieve a series of strokes per lap. When it comes to length, it should match the swimmer’s level of fitness. The average length of a fitness lap pool is between 10 and 12 metres, with a width of about two to three metres.

A Pool for Aesthetics

For a lap pool mainly designed for aesthetic purposes, the pool can be two metres wide or be a minimum of 5 metres long. The small size may prohibit you from swimming decent laps, but it can serve as a cooling spot for family and friends. You can also add a swim jet system at the pool’s end to swim against creating an endless lap in your swimming pool or swim spa.

Lap Pool Shapes

 If you want the traditional design, you can stick with a rectangular pool shape. If this seems a little inflexible, you try other shapes or fit a lap pool with curves. An L-shaped pool is also a great option if you’re looking to add an area for recreational swimming. The great thing about lap pools is that you can tailor them to fit your backyard and accommodate other pool features.

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Lap Pool Options I

If both budget and size are an issue, you can install a swim spa. They provide a great alternative to a full pool, as they can fit into small, limited spaces. Easy to heat as they hold a smaller body of water in a standard swimming pool, swim jet systems and hydrotherapy jets can be installed to recreate the feeling of swimming laps in a much longer pool. Not to mention the relaxation provided by the use of massage jets.

Don’t let a small or narrow lot prohibit you from having a pool in your backyard. Consult a professional pool builder to discuss your options and tailor a shape and size that can fit the available space and suits your family's needs.