Know When to Have Your Air Vents Cleaned

Heater Repair Man testing indoor furnace.

A new gas furnace can last for a few years. You can make its useful life even longer with preventive and regular maintenance.

Here are some tips to help you maintain the peak performance of your furnace for many years. These will also reduce the need for expensive furnace service here in Indiana in the future.

Ensuring Safety

Before starting any maintenance job, see to it that you are working under safe conditions. Turn power sources off if you are doing more than a simple filter replacement. Trip the circuit running to the furnace to do it. Never attempt to repair the furnace if you smell gas. Immediately call for professional help.

Replacing the Air Filter

This is among the easiest tasks when it comes to furnace maintenance. The filter prevents lint, dust, and other debris from getting into the furnace. The filter accumulates a lot of dirt this way. Thus, it will need replacement at least twice each year to maintain the furnace’s top performance.

Replace the filter with a new one if it looks clogged.

Cleaning the Furnace

The filter can capture a significant amount of dirt and debris, but some will pass through. This is why you need to clean the pulleys, belts, and blower assembly when replacing the filter.

Schedule an Inspection

You need your furnace running at peak performance at all times. To make sure that it does, have a professional inspect and perform furnace service every year. The inspection should be after the heating season.

If you have an HVAC system, you can schedule the inspection of your air conditioner at the same time.

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Like any other major appliances or parts of your home, proper maintenance for your furnace is important to make sure that it lasts for a long time. There is no doubt you can perform simple preventive maintenance tasks on your own.

But, it is best that you have your equipment serviced by competent professionals on a regular basis.