Keep Your Furnace Running Efficiently by Following These Tips

White Furnace

Gas furnaces, such as those madeWhite Furnace by Trane, are generally built to last for years, but regular preventive maintenance will help extend your furnace’s functionality. Here are some things that you may want to remember to keep your furnace operating efficiently for several more years:

Replacing the air filter

One of the simplest furnace maintenance tasks is replacing the air filter. The filter is designed to trap dust and other debris to keep them from entering the unit and causing damage. As it catches all manner of debris, the air filter needs to be replaced regularly, preferably twice a year. Failure to replace it could damage the unit. You will have to call a professional Trane furnace repair specialist in Bluffdale to resolve the issue.

You can find the air filter between the blower and the air duct. It wouldn’t be too hard to remove. Using a screwdriver, pry open the blower door slightly to access the filter. Check if it looks clogged. If so, replace it right away with a new one. Insert the new air filter properly by taking note of the direction of the airflow.

Cleaning the system

When you replace the air filter, you might as well clean the other parts. The ones you can focus on are the blower assembly, and the pulleys and belts. Access this area by taking out the panel covering the filter. You may also slide out the fan unit. These parts may be secured by screws, so don’t just pull at them haphazardly. Use a screwdriver to remove them and then clean the parts with a damp cloth.

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Just a few warnings before starting any maintenance task on your own. First, check to see if it’s safe to tinker with the unit. Trip the circuit running to the furnace to shut down the power. Do not attempt to do anything if you smell gas. Go outside and call the local fire department to check for gas leaks.