Keep It Squeaky Clean: The Proper Maintenance of Self-Cleaning Glass

Window Cleaning Services in West Linn Self-cleaning glass is not a new innovation since glass manufacturers have beencreating them for several years now. Most businesses and homeowners have wholly embraced this advancement that it easily gained popularity worldwide. Its self-cleaning properties drew in plenty of customers in Portland knowing that this will save them years of maintenance and operating budgets.

Despite its name, you’ll still need the assistance of window cleaning services in Portland. It needs a special type of care, from the delivery to the construction throughout its lifespan. If owners do not follow precise cleaning methods, the window will be damaged.

Identifying Self-Cleaning Glass

Unfortunately, there are no identification markings or stamps to verify that it is a self-cleaning panel and not a normal glass. Unless you requested it yourself, you’d have to ask the owner of the building or the old home you just bought. They will know because newly-purchased self-cleaning glass does have identifying stickers or holographic images. Once you seek the help of professionals to clean your windows, notify them about it. If not, you will have to deal with damaged windows.

Maintenance and Cleaning Guide

There will be times when you observe dirt spots washed up by a pale halo surrounding the original dirt spot. In most cases, the halo and dirt spot will dissolve within a week without the need to manually clean it. The coating will get rid of the dirt by itself. However, if you want to remove this faster due to a client or family visit, you have to know how to clean it the right way.

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To thoroughly and properly clean your self-cleaning windows, do not utilize soap with dye or any kind of abrasives, which includes sponges. Experts also do not recommend using squeegees, but highly suggest the use of a purified water cleaning system.

It is essential that you notify the cleaning service that they are working on a self-cleaning glass to employ proper procedure. This will ensure that your self-cleaning window stays in pristine condition.