Keep Carpets Spotless Using These 6 Practical Tips

Carpet Cleaners in Bromley

Carpet Cleaners in BromleyThe carpet can be considered as one of the many ways you can add a certain touch of class, beauty, and elegance to the interior of your home. While carpets may significantly degrade over time, there are things that you can do to help lengthen its lifespan. This way, you can truly maximize the value of your carpet.

Place Your Carpet in a Strategic Location

The first rule in the use of any carpet is to know where to place them. As much as possible, it should be placed in a location where there is low volume of traffic. Never place it in passageways unless you want to have the entire floor of your house carpeted from wall to wall. Placing your carpet in high-volume traffic areas will increase the rate of carpet degradation because of constant pressure on its surfaces.

Clean Your Feet Before Stepping onto Carpet

Coming from the outside, make sure to wipe off dirt and debris from your footwear. It is often advisable to place a rug or a doormat just so you can remove larger particles that may have clung onto the bottom sole of your footwear.

Clean your Carpet Regularly

Clean your carpet at least once a week using a vacuum. For those parts of the carpet that are often stepped on, you may need to vacuum them every other day or once every three days. Vacuuming can greatly extend the lifespan of your carpet by removing dirt and debris as well as remove allergens that might bring you or your family a host of health problems.

Remove Spots and Stain Immediately

If you notice a stain or a spot on your carpet, clean it immediately. The key is for you not to rub the stain vigorously but rather to apply even blotting pressure over the affected area. Use vinegar or a mixture of dishwashing liquid and baking soda to remove the spot or stain. Apply generous amounts of the mixture and let it work its way into the carpet. Apply even pressure in removing the stain but do not rub it in.

Apply Carpet Protectives

There are commercially available carpet protectors that you can use to give your carpet extra durability against wear and tear. It is always necessary to test these chemicals first on a small portion of your carpet.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

While you’d think calling a professional is not really necessary, and in fact, an additional expense, hiring carpet cleaners in Bromley every once in a while can make a difference. According to Carpet Bright UK, using the right tools, cleaning solutions, and latest strategies, you can expect them to remove tough stains, mold and mildew, and bad smell ordinary household cleaners can’t. Thorough cleaning from the pros should be included in your maintenance checklist.

Regular cleaning and application of protective will help improve the lifespan of your carpet. To help you more on how you can enhance the characteristics of you carpet, a professional carpet cleaning service can be very helpful.